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As technology continues to evolve rapidly, so does the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Like many other positions, the demands and responsibilities of this role are rising to meet the fast-paced changes throughout the industry. What is important for today’s CIOs — and what may be less important than it used to be?

Here’s a look at the future of the CIO role, for 2015 and beyond.

CIOs will be less tech-savvy, more boardroom-ready

Traditionally, the role of any IT professional has required high levels of technological skill. But in the modern business landscape, where every organization regardless of industry has an IT infrastructure to maintain, the technical side of a business is no longer separate — it’s an integral component of every department, and increasingly important to shareholders, partners, and customers.

The CIO of the (near) future will rely less on technical skill, and more on leadership and persuasion. CIOs will be responsible for gaining buy-in and getting the green light from shareholders and the C-suite, and for ensuring a strong business-IT alignment across the organization. These leaders can come from any background — not just IT.

Speed and agility are critical

金牛国际最新地址Successful CIOs in 2015 will be able to move at the speed of technology. CIO strategies will incorporate high degrees of agility and scalability to accommodate the latest advances, leading organizations through massive transformations from companies that have tech departments, to world-class digital companies that also operate in the physical space.

The CIO of tomorrow understands that the competitive technology curve is moving away from strong IT skills and traditional IT services, and toward emerging digital business technologies in the social, mobile, analytics, and cloud spaces. Cutting-edge strategies in these areas will be vital to the success of any organization, particularly as big data evolves toward more practical uses and substantially increased ROI.

CIOs will adopt a customer point of view

The traditional role of the CIO has been internally focused. CIOs tend to consider internal operations and supporting functions, while leaving external impacts and customer-facing decisions to marketing and sales. But the new CIO will understand that the market is shifting toward customer-centric technologies and infrastructure decisions — and a customer-first attitude is essential for success.

Personalization, market segmentation, and targeting strategies must start at the foundational level in order to be effectively driven by the latest technologies. In 2015, successful CIOs will transition legacy skill sets to the new digital reality, and develop an outside-in view of an organization’s technology. Keeping up with the speed of the modern market will require massive changes in the mindsets of IT leaders as the focus shifts from maintaining internal functions, to streamlining external operations and creating a flawless customer experience.

金牛国际最新地址For the modern CIO, success hinges on mastering the soft skills that have been regarded as the antithesis of the IT profession for decades. Exceptional communication, increased speed and agility, and strong leadership and persuasion skills will define the role of the CIO for 2015 and beyond.




金牛国际最新地址Looking for a job can be stressful and time-consuming, whether you’re unemployed or unhappily employed. But with the New Year approaching, it’s the perfect time to turn things around and make a fresh start. Your job search doesn’t have to consume your life — by working smarter, you can corral your job-seeking activities and be more productive with the time you spend.

As an IT candidate, these tips will help you make 2015 your most productive year, so you can land the job of your dreams.

Ready, set, organize

Like any other task, your job search will be smoother if you have an efficient, dedicated workspace. Set up an area that will provide you with minimal interruptions — because each time you have to stop what you’re doing, it takes time to refocus and get back into the task.

金牛国际最新地址Decide on the system you’ll use for organizing tracking your job search progress, and have it ready to go in your workspace. There are many different ways to keep track, so choose whichever method you feel most comfortable with that you’re likely to stick to — whether it’s spreadsheets, index cards, a weekly planner, or a tracking app.

Create a daily and weekly plan

Job seeking involves a lot of activities, and many of them are repetitive. You need to network and monitor your presence online, search for jobs, research companies, update your resume and cover letter, apply to jobs, follow up on submissions, attend interviews, and follow up with those. Developing a plan that reminds you when to do each of these activities helps you save a lot of time — and prevents you from chasing your tail.

A sample daily and weekly plan might include:

  • Monday: Review available positions you can apply to
  • Tuesday, Thursday: Research companies you plan to apply, take notes to use in your custom resume and cover letter
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Follow up with one networking contact
  • Wednesday: Google yourself and weed out negative information, if needed
  • Friday: Follow up on any applications you sent out last week

Let technology find jobs for you

金牛国际最新地址Actually searching for jobs that match your criteria can take a lot of your valuable time — but you don’t have to spend hours running Google searches and scouring job boards. Most online job boards provide a free alert system that notifies you via text or email when a new job is posted that meets your search criteria. There are also several Twitter feeds for job boards that send out tweets as new job postings come in. You can typically choose either daily or real-time updates, and select the alert type that’s most convenient for you.

As you subscribe to job alerts, don’t forget to check niche online job boards as well as general boards. Niche IT job boards can provide a richer and more focused resource for open positions — which makes your job search easier.

Tailor your resume and cover letter smartly

This may not save a lot of time, but customizing your resume and cover letter according to each job you’re applying for increases your productivity by producing more targeted, effective submission materials. The better you can express your qualifications for a specific position, the higher your chances of landing an interview.

金牛国际最新地址You don’t have to rework your entire submission packet every time. But at a minimum, update your resume keywords and your Summary of Qualifications according to the requirements for the job you’re applying to, and enhance your cover letter with comments about the specific company that you’ve found through your research.

Work with a recruiter

One of the most efficient and time-saving steps you can take for your 2015 job search is to work with an IT staffing agency. Recruiters handle much of the legwork for you — finding positions that you’re best suited for, submitting your resume and cover letter, and scheduling interviews.

金牛国际最新地址In addition, recruiters can help you get hired faster, for better jobs. Staffing agencies specializing in IT develop long-term relationships with IT hiring managers, giving you the value of a referral to help you get your foot in the door. A recruiter can also give you access to jobs that aren’t posted for public viewing, since many hiring managers often hire directly through staffing agencies instead of posting job descriptions.

Make 2015 your year to land your dream job with a streamlined, productive job search strategy!


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Thursday, Oct 16 2014

Big Data Gets Big Results


Big Data Gets Big Results

The buzz about Big Data continues to grow, but are companies that have already started working with it seeing any returns on their investment? According to a new study from tech consulting firm Accenture, an overwhelming majority of executives who’ve launched big data projects are pleased with the power and effectiveness of this new digital tool.

Big Data is consistently valuable

The Accenture study looked at big data projects and installations implemented by CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CDOs (chief data officers) and other senior IT leaders across seven industries, in 19 different countries. Responses indicated astonishingly high rates of satisfaction and ROI from big data investments:

  • 92 percent of executives were satisfied with the results of their big data installations
  • 89 percent said big data is “very important” or “extremely important” to the digital transformation of their business
  • 82 percent said big data provides significant value to their organization

The research and observations from senior executives point to big data as not just a passing fad, accessible only to a small percentage of huge, multi-million dollar corporations, but a truly effective strategy that delivers actual benefits like streamlined operational efficiency, an expanded base of loyal customers, and increased revenues. With effective use of big data, businesses are able to develop a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded online market.

Big Data pinpoints new sources of revenue, enhances customer experience

金牛国际最新地址One of the most common ways businesses are using big data is to find new sources of revenue — and this area is also delivering the most tangible benefits. According to the Accenture study:

  • 94 percent of executives use big data moderately or extensively to identify new revenue sources — and 56 percent report extensive tangible benefits
  • 90 percent use big data moderately or extensively to retain current customers and acquire new customers
  • 89 percent use big data moderately or extensively to develop new products and services

金牛国际最新地址While bringing in new customers creates new sources of revenue, organizations are also using big data to improve customer relations. Of the executives surveyed, 47 percent report extensive, measurable benefits from winning and keeping customers through big data, and 51 percent say enhancing the customer experience through big data has achieved measurable gains. Considering the next five years, 63 percent of executives believe that big data will have the largest impact on their customer relationships.

Challenges to big data implementation

As with any relatively new technology, using big data comes with some challenges and concerns. Accenture found that security is the greatest challenge, with 51 percent of executives citing security as the top issue — particularly as the number of big data users in their organization expands.

金牛国际最新地址Other major challenges facing big data include:

  • Budget (47 percent)
  • Lack of talent for big data implementation (41 percent)
  • Lack of talent to run big data / analytics on an ongoing basis (37 percent)
  • Integration with existing systems (35 percent)

金牛国际最新地址Flexibility and a willingness to experiment with approaches and strategies has been the most effective means to overcoming the challenges presented by big data. Accenture states that it’s vital for organizations to recognize that no single big data solution will fit every situation.

Tips for success with Big Data

With the increasing accessibility and cost-effectiveness of big data technology, companies of any size in every industry can take advantage of the benefits big data provides. Accenture’s key recommendations for capitalizing on big data include:

  • Start small. Attempting to accomplish everything at once with big data can, and typically will, result in a scattered focus and little to no return. Instead, choose a single business area to target first, and launch a proof of concept or pilot program to prove value before implementing wider strategies.
  • Stay flexible. The technologies that drive big data are still relatively new, and in a constant state of change. Companies using big data must remain nimble and alert to the opportunities presented by these evolving technologies.
  • Focus on talent. In order to capitalize on big data, companies need a workforce that’s able to implement strategies effectively. One solution is to offer training for existing employees to build big data skills — a strategy 54 percent of executives said they are currently implementing.

But don’t rely on your in-house team alone — only five percent of executives said their company uses solely internal resources to develop, implement, and manage big data strategies. Outsourcing IT talent for big data is a fast and effective way to start reaping the benefits of the latest technologies for your business.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of big data, or find staff who are already well-versed in big data implementation, contact the recruiting experts at The Armada Group today. 




5 Apps that Make a Cohesive Work Team

金牛国际最新地址 is a suite of full-featured business and productivity applications designed around the optimization of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. This app suite offers endless possibilities for getting things done, both individually and as a team, with tools like professional email, collaborative calendars, video chat, online storage, document sharing, and much more.

Here’s a look at five different apps from Google, and how you can use them to bring your team together and work more productively and efficiently as a group.

Generate team documents with Google Docs

Google Docs is a collaborative office suite application that lets your team easily create documents, edit, add comments, and even chat within the application. There are four components to this app:

  • Drive: Google’s online storage and sharing platform
  • Docs: Word processing similar to MS Word
  • Sheets: Spreadsheets similar to MS Excel
  • Slides: Presentations similar to MS PowerPoint

Within Google Docs, when you set sharing permissions to allow anyone to edit a document, your team can have the same document open at once — and any changes or comments they make will appear in real-time for all users viewing the document. There’s also an in-app chat function that lets your team communicate while creating or editing documents.

金牛国际最新地址Google Docs is also available for mobile platforms, so your team can collaborate on the go, no matter where they are.

Share documents with Gmail

金牛国际最新地址Arguably the most popular business email platform, Gmail provides a wide range of easy-to-use tools for productivity and collaboration. One of the most useful features in Gmail for collaboration is the ability to insert Google documents directly into an email from Google Drive. With this feature, your team can share documents quickly and conveniently with anyone, even those who don’t have access to your shared storage — such as customers, clients, or co-workers in other departments.

Schedule meetings with Google Calendar

Google Apps’ interactive, multi-user Calendar is an excellent tool for helping your team keep track of meetings and events. With Calendar, you can schedule meetings and events including details like time and location, and they’re instantly available in real-time for the whole team to view. You can also invite people to meetings or events directly from the app, and your team can accept or decline invitations, leave comments, and more.

Gather input with Google Forms

金牛国际最新地址The Google Forms app allows you to create a wide variety of forms, surveys, and questionnaires, so you can collect and view team input quickly and conveniently. Forms supports multiple question response types, including text, multiple choice, checkbox, scale, and date. The app also provides you with an automatic summary of responses in easy-to-read graph format — and real-time collaboration lets your whole team view and react to responses.

Connect conveniently with Google+

More than a social network, the Google+ app features some great collaboration tools for business. Google+ Community allows you to create a private team environment with interactive message boards, comment capabilities, and more.

金牛国际最新地址You can also use Google+ Hangout, a fully featured video chat application, to conduct virtual team meetings. Create a group chat “backchannel” during wider company meetings to collaborate on your points, or hold a private video meeting for up to 15 people when in-person meetings aren’t feasible or convenient.


To learn more about cohesive team work, or to find candidates who have the necessary team-oriented skills to fulfill open positions within your company, contact the recruiting experts at The Armada Group.





Java Developer Jobs

金牛国际最新地址Java remains one of the most popular computing platforms around, and Java developers are in fairly high demand.

In general, a Java developer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing Web-based Java applications according to the requirements of a business. However, organizations are increasingly seeking Java developers with both hard and soft skills — those who can create great Java apps, and explain them in non-technical language to investors, executives, and end users.

金牛国际最新地址Salaries for Java developers vary depending on a number of factors, from the complexity of the job duties to the location of the business. In general, the range of Java developer salaries in Santa Cruz is higher than the national average range.

Salary ranges for Java developers in Santa Cruz

According to Salary.com, Santa Cruz Java developers earn from under $67,254 to over $118,621. Here’s a breakdown of the range:

  • The median salary is $96,935
  • 10% make $67,254 or less; 10% make $118,621 or more
  • 15% earn from $67,254 to $81,399
  • 25% earn from $81,399 to the median
  • 25% earn from the median to $108,286
  • 15% earn from $108,286 to $118,621

By comparison, the national average salary range for Java developers is from under $58,330 to over $102,880, and the national median salary is $84,072.

Factors that affect Java developer salaries in Santa Cruz

Several areas can impact the total salary for Java developers, including your education and training, experience, job scope, and the geographic location of your employer. Here’s a look at these various factors, and how they might increase or decrease your salary:

  • Education and training: Most Java developer positions require a minimum education of a bachelor’s degree in your area of specialty. Obtaining certifications in Java, such as Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) or Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD) may allow you to command a higher salary than a degree alone.
  • Experience: As with nearly any industry, the more experience you have as a Java developer, the higher the salary you can expect. Experience with developing high-profile projects may be worth more, salary-wise.
  • Job scope: Different companies and organizations will have different requirements for Java developer positions. In general, more complex job descriptions will offer higher salaries. Here, the size of the company is also typically a factor — larger companies can often pay more for Java developers.
  • Geographic location: Organizations within large cities such as Santa Cruz will often pay higher salaries than those in suburban or rural locations. In addition, geographic locations within the country affect salary — for example, East Coast and West Coast locations often have higher average salaries than the middle regions of the country.

On the whole, Java developers in Santa Cruz can expect to earn a good to excellent living that is competitive with or higher than the national average.

For more information on Salary Data, or for help finding an excellent Java Developer or Java Development position, contact the experts at The Armada Group today. We specialize in placing highly qualified candidates in their perfect IT positions. 

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Hiring an IT professional can be a difficult process, depending on critical business needs, complexity of information, and level of experience required. When bringing a new IT professional on board, there are two options: direct hire and contract hire.

金牛国际最新地址From an employer’s perspective, both are good options, but for different reasons. A direct hire is generally ideal for very high level talent and for candidates which are a perfect fit in terms of skill, culture, and long-term goals. Direct hires are not as good of a fit for candidates who will be either part time, temporary (a year or less, generally), if the job is a new position and still lacks clarity, or if the candidate’s fit is still questionable.

Contract hires are not inferior from any perspective, and shouldn’t be treated as if they are. However, contract hires help businesses “test out” a candidate’s performance for a pre-determined amount of time. For some of the same reasons, contract hiring is ideal for temporary and part time work – for example, managing a database that doesn’t require very much maintenance, or running security patches on a less complex system a few nights a week.

金牛国际最新地址Implementation of a new system, like EHRs, or training for a new platform are also good reasons to choose contract over direct hiring – in part because they’re generally a pre-determined amount of time, or, in some cases, an indefinite amount of time – but a lighter workload.

An employee, however, has a different perspective, although it’s not necessarily contradictory. In many cases, a contract hire is a good thing, as it guarantees work for an employee. Furthermore, having several contracts for different part time jobs helps to diversify your portfolio, resume, and skillsets, and experience new areas of growth. Contract to hire can also allow you an opportunity to build a relationship with a future employer, so when the time comes to fill a spot as a direct hire, your name comes up first.

A direct hire position, however, usually provides more stability and benefits as an employee. This generally means that an employer has a long term investment in you and your success, and while there are benefits to either, this is ideal for most candidates.

Regardless of the type of employment you’re seeking, we can help. At The Armada Group, we help both business and candidates by pairing together culture, skillsets, and viewpoint. We work with some of the fastest-growing businesses in the country, as well as the elite technical talent in the nation. Whether you’re looking for top talent or looking for the next step in your career, we can help. If you are looking for recruiting agencies in Santa Cruz, contact our team today.

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Are you looking for IT jobs in Mountain View?

The last few years, there has been a particular shortage of Linux engineers. This has caused a major skill vacuum as hundreds of jobs go unfilled. Considering the vast majority of enterprise and business applications run off Linux, as well as most servers, this creates a problem for employers.

金牛国际最新地址To address the occupational shortages – which are accompanied by lucrative salaries – many IT professionals and software engineers have switched from other areas to Linux, and many students have graduated with a focus on learning and entering Linux. If you’re considering moving to Linux, here are 3 skills (among many – the choice was difficult) you’ll need to know.

1. Java金牛国际最新地址 is one of the foremost programming languages in the world, and arguably the first true object oriented language. The demand for programmers/developers in Java is astronomical, and the pay rewards accordingly. Whether you’re planning on being a Java developer, or another Linux area entirely, it will benefit you to learn at least the basics (and probably a little more) of Java.

2. OpenStack 金牛国际最新地址is an open source cloud computing project which runs off Apache source code. Cloud computing, along with Big Data, have been incredibly influential and have revolutionized the last few years in computer science and IT structures. Understanding Open Stack will prove very marketable, and work on open source projects make you stand out from the crowd.

3. MySQL 金牛国际最新地址query language has proven to be incredibly helpful, especially in the exploding days of big data. Because of the vast amounts of data available, having a solid database is becoming more and more crucial for businesses to operate and effectively compete. Therefore, having skill in MySQL is greatly beneficial for job availability.

Our Honorable Mention goes to Apache as the most widely used HTTP server, making it incredibly important to know. Apache is also open-source, and often runs on Linux.

Regardless of which Linux skill or experience you have, Linux engineers are high in demand. At The Armada Group, we can help you find the next step in your career. Regardless of which Linux skills you have, we can help you find a very competitive career opportunity. We work with some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the country.

If you are looking for Linux based job opportunities in Mountain View金牛国际最新地址, contact our team today.

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金牛国际最新地址More consumers than ever are using mobile devices to compare and research products, find great deals, and even make purchases. The numbers continued to rise through 2013, and this year analysts expect to see the biggest mobile year yet. Is your company ready to cash in on mobile?

金牛国际最新地址As the use of mobile for commerce continues to expand, new mobile marketing strategies are emerging to keep up. Here are a few trends expected to rise this year that can help your business get in on the lucrative mobile market.

Geo-targeting (location-based marketing)

金牛国际最新地址Most smart phones and tablets have built-in GPS, helping millions of drivers give up using dash GPS consoles and paper road maps. But marketers can also use this technology to target consumers in real-time with relevant offers, based on geographic location.

金牛国际最新地址Geo-targeting can also be used inside stores, restaurants, and other physical businesses with micro-location-based strategies. The possibilities for in-store targeting range from relevant coupons and offers, to integrated “check inventory” features, to specific department targeting. Geo-targeting will be able to act as a two-way channel, capturing customer data while sending offer notifications.


The potential reach of social media marketing is unquestionably broad, with major platforms boasting hundreds of millions of active users (or in the case of Facebook, more than a billion). A broad reach is great—but the problem arises with reaching your actual target market, which often represents a very small percentage of the total possible viewers.

Narrowcasting is a mobile marketing strategy that aims to create the opposite effect. The more personalized delivery methods of mobile allow your business to create and deliver customized content only to significantly more qualified leads. This translates to less marketing dollars spent for a higher ROI.

Multimedia Messaging Service and Rich Media Messaging

The primary vehicle for mobile marketing has been SMS, or Short Message Service, for several years. Most marketing messages are text-based, typically with one link that leads to a website, landing page, or social media. However, with video now accounting for 50 percent of mobile traffic, the marketing vehicle is shifting gears.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has grown 40 percent year after year, and analysts predict that 2014 will see the growth rate for this vehicle explode. Even more popular is Rich Media Messaging (RMM)—similar to MMS, but with built-in responsive design that ensures messages are formatted correctly for the device it’s being viewed on. Currently, RMM enjoys open rates more than 99 percent, and twice the conversion rates of SMS.

Mobile ad gamification

Apps and games are practically synonymous. The explosive popularity of apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and the recently discontinued Flappy Birds illustrates our competitive nature—and the fact that we’re far more likely to use something if it’s presented as a game.

金牛国际最新地址Marketers who give people the opportunity to gamify their experience, whether it’s competing with friends, unlocking content, acquiring badges, or racking up points, will see greater engagement and higher click-through rates. They’ll also experience lower uninstall rates and, hopefully, more conversions.

If you are looking to take advantage of the mobile marketplace, contact The Armada Group today for the top IT talent in California. If you are in need of Silicon Valley recruiters, we have the experienced team you are looking for.

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金牛国际最新地址As an IT candidate, you’ve got more to worry about than the average job seeker. In addition to the resumes, cover letters, and initial interviews, you have to be ready for the technical interview—a real-time test of your skills that will make or break your chances at getting the job.

Fortunately, you can prepare for the tech side of your interview process. Here are five of the most popular types of coding questions you can expect, so you can get ready to ace your technical interview.

Back to the basics

金牛国际最新地址It might surprise you to know that the simplest skills are highly likely to be included as part of a technical interview. Basic data structures and algorithms are typically core questions, and even though they’re simple in comparison to the actual work you’re doing, you will need to prep for them.

金牛国际最新地址You should be intimately familiar with the basics and ready to demonstrate your proficiency with a fundamental understanding of coding. Before you hit the interview trail, take some time to refresh and practice your basic skills—even if you think it’s “too easy” to bother.

Linked lists

You will undoubtedly be asked to write some code that involves a linked list during your interview. This topic is extremely popular with technical interviewers, because it demonstrates your ability to produce simple, clean code at a fast pace.

Potential questions you may be asked regarding linked lists may involved finding specified elements in a single pass, implementing functions (such as Insert or Delete) for different types of linked lists (singly-linked, sorted, circular), or finding solutions without marking nodes.

Hash tables

Technical interviewers love these. Hash tables are versatile data structures with the primary advantage of letting you search for and retrieve information quickly from massive arrays. It’s essential that you have an intimate familiarity with how they work, so you’re ready to tackle any coding question.

Know the difference between Maps and Sets, and understand the typical operations of hash tables as well as the various applications. You should also be familiar with the tradeoffs of using hash tables versus other data structures.

Array programming

Arrays are important elements in programming languages like C# and Java. This topic is frequently part of technical interviews, and the questions range from incredibly simple to extremely complex.

金牛国际最新地址You may be asked to find a missing or duplicate number in an array of 1 through 100. Or, you could be given an array of characters that form a complete sentence, and asked to write an algorithm that reverses the order of the words, but not the characters.

String programming

Another favorite for technical and programming interviews, string is a primary topic that, like array, is common to many programming languages. Coding questions on string programming may be related to length, permutations, finding and replacing values, and more. Questions involving palindromes are also popular.

金牛国际最新地址The best thing you can do for yourself as an IT candidate is to practice coding prior to interviews. Use real code for your practice runs, and after you write it out, compile and run the code to check your answer. With practice, you can go into your technical interviews confident and ready to land the job you want.

If you are looking for technology jobs in Silicon Valley CA金牛国际最新地址, contact us today.


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Every organization wants to attract and retain top talent. Not too long ago, throwing around big salaries and benefits packages might have been enough—but today’s talent isn’t motivated by money alone. In fact, many skilled professionals are willing to work for less, if the company has a great culture.

What is culture?

Workplace culture is more than a buzzword. There is no precise definition—instead, “culture” is a catch-all term for all the things that affect your organization’s perceived environment.

You might look at culture as a set of unspoken guidelines that your team follows not because they’re written in an employee handbook, but because they’ve arose through collective observations of what goes on in the workplace—such as whether new ideas are welcome or frowned on, and who actually gets credited for accomplishments.

Why culture matters

金牛国际最新地址A poor culture can have a seriously adverse effect on your business, including your bottom line. If your employees dread coming to work every day, their satisfaction and their productivity is going to plummet. Your current top talent is likely to seek friendlier, more open pastures, which will bring down the remaining team even more.

On the other hand, a thriving workplace culture makes for happy, productive employees and a business that’s moving faster than the competition. Workplace environments with great culture experience lowered stress and increased creativity across the board.

Culture and talent

金牛国际最新地址When you have a positive culture at your organization, it’s easy to recognize, even from an outsider’s point of view. No one wants to work in a cubicle farm—but a workplace with lots of open space, interesting conversation, and happy employees makes an instant good impression.

金牛国际最新地址You can use your workplace culture as a recruiting tool to attract top talent. Highlight the strong points of your culture in your job descriptions and recruiting material, and be sure to show interviewing candidates around when they come in, so they can experience the culture firsthand.

Tips for cultivating culture

If your organization is struggling with culture issues, or you’re not sure how to get started, here are some things you can do to reinforce a positive workplace environment:

  • Make sure everyone on your team understands your company’s values and mission, and (hopefully) agrees with them
  • Encourage openness and transparency: ask for and pay attention to feedback, and discuss things like policy changes prior to implementation, instead of announcing them after the fact
  • Ensure that achievements are recognized and rewarded, and demonstrate your appreciation on a regular basis—a simple “thanks for the great work” can go a long way
  • Have clear goals for individuals, departments, and companies, and offer regular training to avoid the perception of a dead-end workplace

An organization with excellent culture is one that will naturally attract and retain the best talent. Don’t overlook this important aspect of your business—make culture a priority, and the results will speak for themselves. If you are looking for employment agencies in Silicon Valley, contact us today.


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