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Common Habits That Successful Software Developers Share

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金牛国际最新地址As a software developer, your technical prowess and experience will only carry you so far forward down your career path. If you genuinely want to excel, you also need to embrace certain mindsets or behavioral traits that let you stand out from the pack.

金牛国际最新地址Certain habits are often associated with greater success as a software developer. If you want to keep your career bounding forward, here are some habits that are worth adopting.


Create Clean, Readable, Reusable, Testable Code

金牛国际最新地址The quality of your outputs impacts your career. If you want to excel, then creating code that’s clean, readable, and reusable is essential. Additionally, it needs to be simple to test. Otherwise, you are creating a program that’s going to be cumbersome to manage over time.

Make sure your functions focus on one task, keeping it focused. Use obvious names for functions and variables to promote greater understanding now and in the future. Don’t just focus on the work you’re doing right now; consider how interacting with your code in a year, two years, or longer down the road will feel, and make choices to ensure it’ll be as easy as possible.


Adopt a Big Picture Mindset

Many software developers understand how their outputs function in the business. For example, you might know how an application works and who will use it. However, not all software developers keep the big picture in mind, aiming to grasp while the company wanted the project to move forward and how it helps it achieve its broader goals.

Being able to connect your efforts to larger company objectives is crucial. First, it can make your work more rewarding, as you can see how your efforts make a difference when it comes to achieving the company’s mission. Second, it ensures you understand the value of an application from a business perspective, giving you context that you might otherwise overlook.


Be Disciplined and Self-Aware

While skill and experience will get you far, they are nothing without discipline and self-awareness. You need to be dedicated to critical principles, such as never sacrificing the quality of your outputs in the name of speed. Understanding that, even if you don’t care for a process, it is a necessary part of the job, and your full participation is a must, is a component. Ensuring you don’t get sidetracked by ideas that don’t move the project forward is also part of the discipline.

Similarly, knowing yourself well enough to eliminate any potential barriers to your own productivity is vital. This could include turning off distracting notifications on your smartphone, actively blocking out time on your calendar for tasks and using alerts to keep you focused, or any other approach that reduces the likelihood that you’ll be derailed.

Without discipline and self-awareness, you may waste time on activities that don’t enable you to achieve your objectives or won’t be a full participant when your input is needed. In either case, you’ll be stymying your career.


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