Monday, Mar 23 2020

VPN is Dying and This Is a Safer Approach to Network Security

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For decades, virtual private network (VPN) technology has been safeguarding company networks. With VPN, remote employees can only access network resources through a secure tunnel, an approach that was once the epitome of safety.

金牛国际最新地址However, VPN may be dying, at least on the corporate level. Enterprises are shifting toward a newer approach to network security, one that is better equipped to handle the challenges of increasingly digital businesses.

金牛国际最新地址If you’re wondering what is poised to take the place of VPN and why, here’s what you need to know.

The Issue with VPN

With VPN, the technology functions on the idea of maintaining a strong network perimeter. Only trusted individuals would be on the insides. Anyone untrusted would sit on the outside.

金牛国际最新地址However, that perspective no longer meets the needs of businesses. With mobility becoming common in the workforce, employees are increasingly tapping into the network from a variety of locations. Plus, digital assets aren’t relegated into the inside of companies either, as they are increasingly being shifted to the cloud.

Essentially, the perimeter-based security approach is largely flawed. First, it provides little protection against insider attacks, a threat that companies shouldn’t ignore. Second, it doesn’t perform well when third-parties, such as contractors or supply partners, need access.

Plus, if a VPN token or person’s credentials are stolen, the thief ends up with full access. Finally, managing these systems can be incredibly difficult.


The Rise of the Zero Trust Network

金牛国际最新地址As digital transformations became more common, and the flaws of VPN became clearer, enterprises began embracing new technology, the zero trust network. With this approach, the tech acts as a gateway, authenticating both the users and the device they are using. Once confirmed, access to systems is granted based on the employee’s role, so they can only reach assets that they genuinely need.

金牛国际最新地址The primary premise is very simple: trust no one. Every person and device have to be verified, and access is restricted to only the assets that align with the employee’s job.

金牛国际最新地址Initially, implementing a solution that accomplished that was excoriatingly challenging, leaving on a few tech giants to really explore it as an option. However, solutions are now more readily available through a variety of security vendors. Plus, their offerings continue to grow and become more robust, creating opportunities for companies of all sizes to embrace the zero trust network concept.

金牛国际最新地址It still takes time, energy, and skilled professionals to maintain critical network systems, including in areas like identity management and network segmentation. However, it may ultimately be a simpler approach than VPN, and could certainly be considered a more capable solution than the perimeter security approaches of yore.


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